How To Unsend A Message On Facebook!

You are just messaging around on Facebook and "o no!" you send a inappropriate meme to your Aunt Linda rather than your work bestie, Linda! Well n ow you will be able to unsend Facebook messages , according to The Verge.

Facebook announced that it was developing an “unsend” feature for everyone — and nine months later, that feature has arrived to make Messenger a better place .


How does it work?

You have 10 minutes after you send a message to "unsend" it. Within those 10 minutes, you'll see a "Remove for Everyone" option and a "Remove for You". Unfortunately, even if you use the "Remove for Everyone" option, it doesn't disappear completely — it's replaced with a notification that you've removed, so the other people within the message will know you deleted something.

The update is available now with latest Messenger app version, whether you use iOS or Android.

Source: Bustle

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