Meet This Local Professional Cuddler!


Jasmine Siemon, a professional cuddler, is renting out a small office space in a business park located in Germantown, Maryland.This is another form of touch therapy which is nothing new. Neither is cuddling with your significant other.

Would you cuddle with your therapist? Some actually will! It's a new form of therapy that is growing in popularity around the United States and it's available in the DMV.

Siemon says she's been in the cuddling business for almost three years now and loves it more and more each day. Originally, she signed up in 2016 to cuddle as a side gig and make some extra income. Her business quickly grew and it's now her main focus.

As of now, there are a handful of professional cuddlers in the area who can be found on Cuddlist , a popular service that connects people who need or want nonsexual touch therapy with a paid cuddler in a judgement free space.

One session can range anywhere from $80-$100, which is about the price of a massage and Siemon recommends having a two hour session!

Source: ABC 7

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