Men Crave Red Meat When They See Attractive Women!

Is meat sexy? We’re not trying to be provocative, that’s actually the name of a new study from Australia that looks at “sexual motivation” in marketing. Their research finds that the answer to that question is yes and the study claims when men see sexy images of women, they crave beef and pork because it makes them more attractive to the opposite sex.

The study tracked over 1,600 men and women in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia to find out what effect advertising has on red-meat consumption and how it connects to mating. And it seems when these men saw “sexy images,” they were more likely to choose a meaty option over a non-meat one, but researchers say it’s not just because of lust, it’s also about what they call “signaling.”

Study authors say when the men experienced “sexual motivation,” they tended to act out to “increase their desirability” as a sex partner. So they want to eat meat because nothing shows off masculinity like beef, it seems. And while this idea goes back to caveman days, researchers say marketing - like the bikini-wearing women chowing on burgers in those Carl’s Jr. ads - is manipulating the eating habits evolution has shaped.

Source: New York Post

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