Instagram To Ban Graphic Posts About Self-Harm!

We’re affected by the stuff we see on the Internet ever day, which means we need to do a better job of monitoring what we put out there. Instagram is taking charge in an effort to remove all graphic self-harm images from the platform. There are so many young people on these apps all the time, and putting toxic ideas into their heads will only fuel their mental health beasts.

The head honcho at Instagram, Adam Mosseri , has revealed that while he believes it’s important for people to share their stories and journeys on the platform, they will no longer tolerate any post that promotes self-harm in any way. And instead of relying on users to report problematic posts, they’ll shift towards new technologies designed to spot these images when they’re being posted.

If you want to use your app to share your story, absolutely do it. But keep in mind that there are malleable young brains out there that will probably see your content. Let’s do a better job of sharing the right info!

Source: Independent

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