Woman Returns A Book That Was 73 Years Overdue!

The Silver Spring Library in Maryland recently got a surprise in the mail: a book that was 73 years overdue, along with a letter of apology.

It all started in 1946. Two-year-old Mora Gregg fell in love with a picture book called "The Postman." It showed how postal workers did their jobs in the 1920s, horses and all.

When Gregg's family moved from the Washington, D.C., suburbs to Canada, the book went with them. All these years later, Gregg recently found the book, stamped with "Property of Silver Spring Library," and mailed it to the library with a typed letter.

News4 did the math on the fines Gregg would face at the standard overdue rate of 35 cents per day. At 73 years late, that's more than $9,000.

But, lucky for her, the county caps late fees at $15, and there's no charge for late fees on children's books.

If you look through the Silver Spring Library's shelves to try to find "The Postman," you won't find it; library officials said the book was too fragile to be checked out, but that they'll show it to anyone who's interested.

Source: NEWS 4

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