This 6-Year-Old Is Tackling Bullying Head On!

Anti-bullying activist Cavanaugh Bell is just 6-years-old, but he's already drawing attention to bullying victims who have taken their own lives.

And he's convinced his community to do something about it.

The precocious kindergartner posts videos urging love and kindness on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook with the handle @cooldopeliving

He focuses on young people who have taken their own lives after being bullied. 

Two weeks ago, Cavanaugh climbed up a step stool, and asked the Gaithersburg City Council to designate February 21 as Anti-Bullying Awareness Day.

How amazing is that!

His mom is coaching him through kindergarten at home for now. But he's planning to go back to school for first grade. And you get the sense there's no stopping him now. 

Source: WUSA 9

We had a change to talk to him this morning and we guarantee his positive words will Make Your Monday!

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