What Women Really Want On Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is Thursday, and while some men may be going all out to impress the lady in their life, a new poll finds they probably didn’t have to do all that much.

A survey by Summers Eve finds that 71% of women simply want a romantic night out with their significant other on Valentine’s Day, with only 45% of women wanting all the expected Valentine’s Day spoils, like dinner, movie and flowers. And some gals don’t even need to be with just their man, with 23% of women saying they’d actually rather spend V-Day on a group date or with their friends.

As for what women want included in their perfect Valentine’s Day, 67% of gals want a romantic dinner, while 49% want sex, 47% want to be intimate, 47% want flowers and 43% want chocolates. 

So, is Valentine’s Day really important to gals? Well, yes and no. The poll finds that 57% of women say Valentine’s Day is overrated, yet another 56% say they feel a lot of pressure to have a date on the holiday. In fact, 25% of women say they’ve actually gone back to an ex just so they wouldn’t be alone on Valentine’s Day. But even with all that pressure, 66% of women admit they actually do like Valentine’s Day. 

Apparently the pressure of Valentine’s Day can lead some to actually end a relationship on the holiday. It seems 30% of women have either been broken up with or broke up with someone right before the holiday. What’s more, 66% of older Millennials say they broke up with someone before V-Day to get out of making plans or buying a gift.

Source: Biz Journals

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