Dating App Lets You Play A Trivia Game With Matches!

There’s an app that’s actually doing something totally different from the ones we’ve seen, and it’ll definitely be interesting to see how things turn out. It’s called Quiz Date Live, and it involves playing live trivia with potential matches, but get this – the ladies pick three contestants who they want to compete for their love each round. Start off by being selected by the company to play by sending in email entries.


After a bit of interrogation between the ladies and contestants, the ladies get to choose who moves on to the final round where they will attempt to “impress” the singleton with a talent or skill of their choosing. Oh, and by the way – viewers can choose to watch live. The winner goes on an expense-paid date.Sounds pretty involved, right? Let’s hope the creators can pull this off if it really gains popularity. But who wouldn’t want to be on their own version of “The Bachelorette?” They’re working to develop versions of the game that accommodate bachelors and LGBTQ contestants.Source:The Verge

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