Do You Have A Money Disorder?

Money is a necessary evil. It feels good to have, is hard to get, and you literally need it to eat and shelter yourself and survive. Having money problems every now and then is one thing, but if you kind of feel like your finances are running you life in a bad way, you may have a money disorder, and it’s not all about being broke. Here are some things to watch out for:You’re keeping your credit cards and bank account info from your partner.Continually building up debt without dealing with the debt you have first.You avoid spending money at all costs.You’re using money to fill a void in your life.You’re in denial about your debts and don’t check your interest often.You’re a workaholic and constantly scrounging for paychecks.You have a hard time saying no when people ask you for money.You’re lying to your partner about how much you spend.You refuse to talk about money at all.If you wake up and go to sleep thinking about money, and think about it one more time as you’re ordering your coffee, it’s time to reevaluate things. Whether you’re struggling to make rent or working long hours for a few luxuries, it might be time to put in some work towards keeping your money brain at ease.Source:Bustle

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