Lottery Winner Shows Up In Disguise When Collecting Prize!

Not everyone is thrilled with the idea of you knowing they just won the lottery. A man in Jamaica recently turned up to claim his big prize wearing a mask from the movie, "Scream," along with some gloves and what appears to be a rain poncho. T

he man, who identifies himself only as 'A. Campbell,' decided to collect the prize incognito so he wouldn't have to share the money with the relatives he thinks would have their hands out. Mr. Campbell waited 54 days to collect his $1.17-million dollar prize from the nation's Super Lotto, (after winning last November). 

By the way? His method of claiming isn't exactly unusual. Apparently, lottery winners in the Caribbean country often wear disguises while collecting their prizes due to high levels of crime in the country, and fears that they will be hounded for money by family and friends.Well played, sir.

Source: CBS 21

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