Get Ready To Sail Away On This Golden Girls' Cruise!


Are you one of those folks who can't get enough of "Golden Girls?" Are you ready to shell out at least a grand to hit the high seas and get your "Golden" on? If so, there's a five-night cruise with people like you in mind setting sail in February 2020.

Arranged by Flip Phone Events, the ship departs from Miami before making stops at Key West and Cozumel and promises all sorts of activities planned with the "Golden Girls" in bingo.What else?

Caftan Sail Away Party with Cheesecake

The Rusty Anchor Karaoke Party

Golden Girls Trivia

Shady Pines Craft Corner

Golden Girls Stage Shows and Drag Queens

Key West Golden Girls Bar Crawl

Golden Girls Costume Contest and Fancy Dinner

One Night in St. Olaf Dance Party (Including a game of Ugel and Flugel)

If this sounds like your jam,CLICK HEREfor more info.

Source: ABC-11

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