Millennial's Top Stressors!

A recent survey of 2,000 millennials conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Endoca found that millennials are reporting that they are more stressed than ever. … about their phones. Two-in-five Millennials say that cracking their phone screen would be more stressful than seeing their car’s “Check Engine” light turn on. And one-in-three Millennials said their phone dying in an unknown place would be more stressful than credit card fraud.

These are the top American millennial stressors:

Losing wallet/credit card: 50%

Arguing with partner: 48%

Commute/Traffic delays: 48%

Losing phone: 44%

Arriving late to work: 43%

Slow WiFi: 42%

Phone Battery Dying: 40%

Forgetting Passwords: 39%

Credit card fraud: 38%

Forgetting charger: 38%

Source: BroBible

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