Local Woman Will Be On The New Season of Survivor!

Julia Carter is one of the youngest participants entering the game of Edge of Extinction, as the 24-year-old medical assistant arrived in Fiji after just receiving an upgrade from a partial scholarship at medical school to a full scholarship.

She is amazing! She revealed in her ET Canada interview that her life’s work has been through the inspiration of her late father, who passed away when she was young due to heart disease. She propelled herself to become the first in her family to graduate from post-secondary education!

Despite the hardship she’s gone through and the difficult journey through life she’s traveled so far, she enjoyed Survivor as an escape from the early days! She has even prepared by surviving on minimal food, improving swimming skills for the water-based challenges and getting into the right mind space required to overcome extreme adversity.

Source: Fansided


We cannot see how she does this season! We also had the chance to talk to her! You can listen to th interview below!

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