Study Reveals How Many BFFs You Will Have In A Lifetime!

You probably feel like the person who you call your BFF will actually be your best friend forever, but science isn’t so sure. According to new research from The Book Of Everyone, besties are fleeting, like regular friendships, and we’ll have more than one during our lives.

The study finds that most women will have six best friends over her lifetime and that these best friendships last for about 16 years, which is a really long time, but it’s not forever. So why do they have an expiration date? It seems our closest gal pals tend to fit into the circumstances of our lives, so when we move across the country, change jobs, graduate, or have kids, the friendships may become less significant or fade away.

As we get older and life gets more complicated, it gets harder to maintain meaningful friendships. We have more going on, so we have less time to put into our besties. But the study finds that 47% of women wish they could spend more time with their BFFs, so we really should make the time.

Source:Women's Health

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