Try Using A "Breakup Concierge" For Your Next Split!


Going through a breakup can be a nightmare. Sometimes breaking up is way more than just hard to do, and it can feel impossible. On top of trying to deal with your broken heart, after splitting from your partner you may have to pack up your drawers at their place, or even worse - find a whole new place to live. There are no magical relationship godmothers to sweep in and help you sort out your life, but there is a new company that’s here to help soften the blow and move on.

Onwardis an on-demand service that can help you deal with some of the awkward parts of your new post-breakup reality, including helping pack, find housing, and moving out. It’s available in New York City now and they hope to expand to Los Angeles, Denver, Washington D.C., and San Francisco within a year. And since no two splits are the same, you can customize their plans to suit your specific needs, which may include waiting for the cable guy at your new place or playing matchmaker for you and a new therapist.

So if you’re reeling from your relationship ending and can’t figure out what your next move should be, this breakup concierge could be the tech fix you need. They can’t help heal your heartbreak, but they can literally help you move on.

Source:Well and Good

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