Couples Spend Over 500 Hours Planning Their Wedding!

Ask anyone who’s planned a wedding and they’ll tell you it takes up a lot of their time. So, just how much time will you need to set aside? Well, according to a new survey, about 528 hours - or 22 full days.

The poll finds the average engaged couple will be planning their big day over the course of 11 months, spending 12 hours a week planning, which over the course of 44 weeks translates to 528 hours.

So, what part of wedding planning will take up the most time? Well, it turns out finding the right venue. In fact, it is one of the areas of wedding planning most will disagree about, with 25% of those surveyed saying finding the right venue was a big issue for them, while 18% argued about catering and 19% disagreed over the wedding party. Of course, not everyone will be at odds over their wedding choices, with 23% of couples saying they had absolutely no disagreements at all.

And while some grooms would rather stay out of all the wedding planning, they may want to think twice about that. A whopping 94% of brides say having their partners help made planning easier and more enjoyable, while 84% said their boo’s input was helpful. As for how many men really wanted to be a part of planning, 75% said their partner wanted to be involved.

Top 5 Most Time-Consuming Parts Of Planning A Wedding

Finding the right venue

Hunting for the perfect wedding dress

Deciding who will be in the wedding party

Arranging the catering

Getting the seating chart just right

Source: SWNS Digital

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