More Couples Are Getting Dating Pre-Nups!

Any fan of “The Big Ban Theory” knows that Sheldon is a big fan of contracts, and even created a relationship agreement when he started dating his future-wife Amy. Well, apparently relationship agreements are no longer for just sitcoms anymore. 

According to a new report, more and more people are signing relationship agreements, a.k.a. dating pre-nups, which lay out a variety of relationship rules. Those rules could be anything from sex goals, quantity of date nights, who's responsible for what cleaning, non-negotiable quirks, and even what they can listen to in the morning.

While this may sound a bit crazy, some therapists say such contracts could be a good thing, as long as they are done carefully. “A long laundry list of annoyances in the form of contractual obligations is not going to fix the relationship,”Jean Fitzpatrick, a marriage counselor, says, noting that the pre-nups she deals with are more about ongoing conflicts, and not necessarily chores.

One benefit of such contracts is they could give folks an early heads up that things won’t work out. In fact, 37-year-old New Yorker Amy Chan said when she and a partner couldn’t agree on terms for their contract it was a signal to her to end the relationship.

Of course, some people think such contracts are taking all the romance out of a relationship. “Usually, these things come up organically . . . after the honeymoon phase,” one person shares. “[If a woman] brought up the topic of a contract . . . I’d be scared.”

Source:New York Post

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