Dove Wants To Pay Dads To Stay Home!

More big companies, including Starbucks CVS, and Walmart have recently expanded or created new family leave policies, but in the U.S. only 15% of workers have access to paid family leave. But while employees wait for their bosses to add the benefit, one company is offering a grant to dads who don’t have access to paid paternity leave. Dove started a Paternity Leave Fund that will give $5,000 to fathers so they can afford to be home to spend time with their new children.

Dove is trying to raise over $1-million for their Paternity Leave Fund for dads across the country over the next two years, according to their website.The fund will give these special $5,000 grants to dads so they can have paid paternity leave, even if their jobs don’t offer it.

“Working dads shouldn’t have to choose between their children and a paycheck,” Dove says, “because when they take paternity leave, it benefits families, workplaces, and communities.”


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