Man's "How To Be A Beautiful Woman" List Goes Viral!


A guy who claims to be a motivational speaker, among other things, is being dragged on social media for his recent tweet of a list of 12 ways to be a beautiful woman.Alexander J.A. Cortes already has a reputation for being a misogynist because of his condescending comments on Twitter about women, including his tweet: “Remember, only a man can tell a woman how to act.”

But it’s his list that’s really got people upset now. Cortes recently tweeted this “guide” for “How to be a Beautiful Woman”:

- Be thin

- Be able to cook

- Have long hair

- Wear make-up

- Be feminine

- Be graceful

- Be Sensual

- Shave (should without saying)

- Be fashionable

- Wear pink and feminine colors

- Love men

- Listen to men

Charming, isn’t he? But it didn’t stop there, of course. When people dared to call Cortes out, he called the women “harpies that you never want to breed with” and said they were “undersexed,” while telling men to “stay woke kings.” He also doubled down on his advice when suggesting the women who don’t like his advice just have “excess body fat” that’s causing “hormonal fluctuations that make you emotional.”Nice.

Some Twitter users are convinced Cortes can’t be serious, but most seem to think he genuinely feels this way and they’re not afraid to slam him for being “incredibly sexist.” One guy hit back with the tweet, “Real men love strong women who recognize this hollow sadness as absolute garbage.” Others took a stab at revising his list or coming up with one for being an attractive man. But this tweet pretty much sums it up:“How to be a tool - write tweets like this.”



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