Margaritas Are Very Popular Across The US!

According to a new survey, the most popular cocktail in almost every big city, including Boston, Los Angeles, Miami and New York, is the margarita.

The only city that has a favorite other than the margarita is Chicago, which prefers the old-fashioned.

Martinis, mojitos and mimosas also ranked high on the list across the country.

Margaritas in the U.S. cost an average of $9.49, almost a half-dollar more than the average cocktail ($9), yet 56% of consumers of legal drinking age say the margarita is their go-to drink of choice at on-premise establishments (restaurants, bars, etc.).

While they are willing to pay the price, cocktail fans often vary their drink preferences according to time of the day. And while the margarita is the top cocktail on average, it’s less popular early in the day and very late at night.

Source: MarketWatch

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