Hinge Is Offering Free Drinks With A Phoneless Catch!

March 1st is the National Day of Unplugging, which encourages us to take a 24-hour break from technology. To participate, people are asked to unplug from sundown Friday, March 1st to sundown Saturday, March 2nd. And in recognition of the event, the dating app Hinge - which says it’s “designed to be deleted” - is encouraging singles to go old school to meet potential partners: at a bar.

Hinge users will have the choice to opt into Friday’s “holiday” starting Thursday, by turning off the app’s Discover section, where they find and “like” potential matches, for 24 hours. They’re even enticing users in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami with free drinks! Users in those cities will receive an invite for two free drinks and phone-free mingling at Freehand HotelsBroken Shaker bars nearby. For users in other parts of the country, Hinge is encouraging them to unplug with a $1,000 sweepstakes they can enter to win a “dream date” when they turn off Discover.

So why is an online dating app enticing users to go old fashioned? Hinge supports the National Day of Unplugging because of data that found 77% of Hinge members feel they should spend less time on their phones. And if you’re thinking about unplugging, free drinks may just push you to give it a try.


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