HOA Wants To Fine Resident For An Interesting Shape Left In Snow!


A homeowner’s association in Tennessee threatened to fine a resident $100 after her car left a phallic-shaped image in the condo’s parking lot following a light dusting of snow, a report said Tuesday.

You can see the photo HERE!

The resident, identified as Kathryn, told The Drive that in January she received a surprising email from her HOA accusing her of violating the rules by “displaying offensive images or slogans.”

The board claimed to have photographic evidence sent in by a resident who was concerned about the well being of children, the outlet reported.

Kathryn fired an angry email back to the board, noting that the bylaws state that offensive imagery had to be purposeful. She then asked how she was supposed to control the way the snow fell around her car, refused to pay the fine and threatened legal action, according to the outlet.

The board finally backed off, and in an email wrote:

"We understand. We will not be pursuing this further, in good faith pursuant to the wording of the by-laws."

Source: FOX News

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