#Trending - Banana Milk!

Can we all agree that pea milk is a pass for most of us? It doesn’t taste like any dairy substitute we’d like to be adding to our coffees any time soon. Actually – it doesn’t taste like a dairy substitute we’d like to add to anything ever. It’s time we start trying other options. We’ve already got some great ones between cashew, oat, and everyone’s favorite, almond. But there’s a new non-dairy milk in town.

Even though banana milk is hitting the shelves, you might want to just try making it at home before you spend the big bucks. It’s a milk made with pureed bananas and water. That’s it. You can add some vanilla flavoring or sugar if you want, but the bananas should add plenty of sweetness.

Since this milk is going to have a pretty distinct banana taste, you’ll probably want to stick to using this in your cereal, smoothies, and baking. You could even add it to your overnight oats to give your morning snack a little more flavor. Is there anything we can’t make milk out of??


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