Woman Gets Plastic Surgery For Her "Ugly" Cat!

A pet owner has been accused of "animal abuse" for taking her cat to get plastic surgery on its face.

The unnamed woman from China, took her cat in to have an operation on its eyes after claiming she didn't like the shape of them and thought they were "ugly".

The grey cat is said to have undergone a double-eyelid operation, or Asian blepharoplasty, where a crease is added to the animal's eyelids, to create the look of a monolid.

In order to do this, vets made a cut on each of the cat's eyelids with a scalpel, claimed a Jiangsu Television report earlier today.

The television station also revealed shocking photos of the cat following the procedure, which is believed to have cost the woman 10,000 yuan (around £1,100).

In the pictures, part of the cat's fur has been shaved off its face, revealing that the poor animal's eyes are very red and swollen.

A line of stitches can also be seen on each eye.

According to staff at the Rupeng Pet Hospital in Nanjing, where the op was performed, the double-eyelid surgery is common, with many dog owners opting to have it done so their pets can participate in shows.

However they added that there can be a health risk when the surgery is performed on cats and it can cause a lot of discomfort.

Source: Mirror

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