MD High School Will Offer The Country's First Hip Hop Course!

A new hip-hop history and culture course will be introduced to students at Montgomery Blair High School in the fall of 2019. The class was created by social studies teacher Kenneth Smith. In this new course, Smith hopes to teach students about the development of hip-hop culture and provide them with necessary skills such as media literacy and social/emotional development.

In a video posted to Montgomery County Public School’s social media account, Smith said that the course would come from a sociological perspective that aims to teach the students about the cultural and social influence of hip-hop.


According to Smith, the class will have an intentional historical and cultural component and students will learn about historical figures of the hip-hop community that came before them.

If the course is successful with students at Montgomery Blair next school year, more sections could be added.

Source: My MC Media

We had a chance to talk to Kenneth Smith about his new course!

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