Yelp Will Tell You If A Business Is Women Owned!

March is Women’s History month and to kick it off, Yelp is rolling out a new feature to make it easier to support women-owned businesses. They’ve added a women-owned business tag on their app and website, so we can find shops, restaurants, and such that are owned by women.

The information is listed in the “More Business Info” section of a business’s Yelp profile, next to information about if they take credit cards, have gender neutral restrooms, or offer parking. You can even narrow down a business search using the women-owned attribute, so it’ll be easier to support them and support them during Women’s History month and beyond.

According to Yelp’s official blog, the new initiative is a partnership with designer Rebecca Minkoff,creator of the Female Founder Collective(FFC), a network of women-led businesses working to “enable and empower female owned and led businesses to positively impact our communities.” And thanks to this Yelp feature, it’ll be more convenient to show them our support.


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