Bride Kicks Sister Out Of Wedding After Her Speech!

A newlywed bride turned to Reddit for advice after she says she asked her maid of honor, who was also her sister, to leave her wedding because she made an “inappropriate” speech. The unidentified woman asked Reddit users “Am I the a**hole for kicking my sister out of my wedding during the reception?”

The bride explains that her sister’s “entire speech” was all about her and her battle with depression. The bride complained that her sister spoke about how the groom ultimately helped her and supported her during her struggle with depression, and how it led her to know that the groom was “the one” for her sister.

So what’s the problem? “I thought her speech was really selfish,” the bride explains. “I think it’s super inappropriate to bring up a mental illness during a wedding speech. Not only that, but the entire speech was about her. At MY wedding.” And she adds that “Nobody was paying attention to me, at my own wedding!”

This set the bride off and she claims she asked her sister/maid of honor to leave, which she did “without arguing.” But now the bride’s new hubby and friends are saying she was way too harsh, so she was looking for validation from Reddit. Thing is? She didn’t really get it…because most respondents feel she was in the wrong and that there wasn’t much point in asking her to leave after her speech was over. Lots of people were bothered by that “Nobody was paying attention to me!” line, since weddings aren’t about “you being a celebrity for a day.” Maybe bringing up her depression wasn’t the best idea for a wedding speech, but most folks agree that kicking her sister out for it was a little extreme.

Source:Fox News


Was she a #Jerk or #Justified? We share our thoughts but what do YOU think?

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