Hello Kitty Is Getting Her Own Movie!

An old school cultural icon is finally heading to the big screen. Hello Kitty, the cartoon character whose face is already on backpacks, pajamas, and phone cases around the world, is getting her own movie. Warner Bros.' New Line Cinema got the rights from Tokyo's Sanrio Corporation and now it’s a go.

No word yet on whether Hello Kitty’s feature film will be animated or live-action, but she’s been around for 45 years and fans feel it’s about time for this movie. Over the years, the white cartoon cat with her trademark hair bow and no mouth has brought in billions of dollars from merchandise including clothing, toys, and stationery, mostly geared for young kids. But she’s become more popular with some adults too, and there are Hello Kitty products just for grown-ups, like wine. So when she makes her Hollywood debut, lots of folks will be ready to hear what she has to say, if the character has a mouth this time.


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