Most Popular "Little Pleasures" Among Adults!


It doesn’t take a lot to bring a smile to people’s faces, and now a new poll reveals what folks consider some of life’s simplest pleasures, and for a lot of people all it takes is a little vino.

A new survey, conducted by winemakers JaM Cellars (so let’s take this with a grain of salt), finds that for 65% of people wine is one of life’s best little luxuries, topping such pleasures as being home to watch your favorite TV shows (56%) and a home-cooked meal (55%).

Top Ten Life’s Little Pleasures

  1. Drinking wine (65%)
  2. Being home to watch my favorite TV shows (56%)
  3. Home-cooked meal (55%)
  4. Going shopping for myself (51%)
  5. Reading a book (51%)
  6. A sweet treat (delicious dessert) (50%)
  7. Date night with my partner (49%)
  8. Happy hour with friends (48%)
  9. Taking a leisurely walk outside (47%)
  10. Putting fresh sheets on my bed (46%)

So, how much do people love wine? Well, half or respondents say they drink it at least weekly, while another half drinks wine several times a week. As for the top reasons to drink wine, 67% say it’s for me-time, to relax and unwind, while 49% say fun time with friends is the best reason, 45% say it’s for meal time and celebrations, and another 38% say it’s for holidays.

Source:SWNS Digital

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