Man's Tip For Becoming Rich - "Just ask"!

One of self-made multimillionaire Nathan Latka’s favorite stories is how he got a $350,000 Rolls-Royce for free.

The trick? “I just asked,” the 29-year-old tells The Post. But if you get a "no" then here are some of his other tips to adding more zeroes to your net worth!

Rule 1: Broaden your focus

“Focus 80 percent of your time on one project — the one that brings in the most money or has the potential to be your biggest earner. Split the other 20 percent of your time between the two remaining ventures.”

Rule 2: Don’t set goals

We daydream about material wealth when we should be daydreaming about our next business venture.” In other words, keep your mind on your work, not the payoff.

Rule 3: Copy your competitors

When preparing the launch of a podcast or YouTube channel, Latka says he looks at sites like to find out what his competitors are offering. Even with a business like Airbnb rentals, “all of your competitors’ strategies are laid out right in front of you.”

Rule 4: Negotiate when you don’t have to

Rule 5: Be ridiculously cheap

Latka’s investing strategy in a sentence: “Keep your expenses low.”

Source: NY Post

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