People Are Now Too Busy To Clean!

A new survey found that one-third of adult respondents say they are just too busy to clean their homes.

Only 50 percent of those surveyed said they set aside time each week to do chores and 30 percent say they only manage to do a few chores on the weekend.

38 percent said the tradition of an annual “Spring Cleaning” is dying out and 45 percent believe that previous generations had more time for housework.

The survey, conducted via, found a hectic work life is mostly to blame for having no time to clean, according to 40 per cent.

But while the average adult spends around four hours a week cleaning and tidying their homes, one third only spend an hour or two on the housework.

Washing the windows is the task most likely to be neglected due to a lack of time, along with wiping down skirting boards and cleaning kitchen appliances such as the oven and fridge.

Source: SWNS

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