The "Trashtag Challenge" Encourages People To Pick Up Litter

Forget your fitness journeys – there are more important before and after photos we could be sharing. And it’ll encourage people to make their surroundings cleaner rather than encouraging them to feel like crap about their bodies. The Trashtag Challenge is a viral social media project that has people finding a littered area, taking a photo, and showing off just how clean they were able to make it.

Head on over to Instagram – a quick search for “#trashtag” will flood you with photos of people next to areas of parks and overflowing trashcans that are now spotless thanks to them. And let’s be real – there’s nothing we love more than showing off our own, better versions of the challenges people send into the social media world.

Forget the challenges that have you dancing to Drake songs in the middle of the street, eating laundry detergent pods. or doing activities that are already inherently dangerous – while blindfolded. There’s a better way we can be showing off and strutting our stuff, and it involves keeping the trash in our areas out of our ecosystems.


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