If You Have Embarrassed Yourself On Social Media...You Are Not Alone!


If you sometimes accidentally reply to Instagram Stories, you're far from alone. A Mashable writer said that she has so much anxiety about accidentally voting in an Instagram Stories poll or sending an emoji with the Quick Reactions feature that it keeps her from fully enjoying Stories.

It's easy to send accidental replies if you're not fully paying attention or tapping through Stories too quickly, so she has some advice:

  • Let stories play on their own instead of tapping through them.
  • Create "win/win" polls, so there aren't any negative answers.
  • Try to keep polls out of areas of the phone screen that thumbs are most likely to tap.
  • If you screw up anyway, don't make it a big deal.

Source: Mashable

But Instagram is the not the only social media platform where embarrassing things can happen. You could accidentally post an embarrassing selfie on Twitter or send a screenshot to the wrong person on Facebook. We decided to talk to you about how you embarrassed yourself on social media!

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