Half Of Us Are Intimidated By The Gym!

A new survey found that 50 percent of respondents said they are intimidated by the idea of working out at a gym. 31 percent said they feeling anxious just thinking about trying to get into shape. Of those who have conquered their fears and joined a gym, 47 percent say they still having feelings of intimidation while at the gym. 32 percent of those who feel intimidated at the gym say it occurs most when they are exercising near someone who is in great shape. And it seems this working out fear is not just at the gym. According to the survey, 36 percent say running outside is intimidating.

Top 5 Intimidating Activities:

  1. Lifting weights -- 39 percent
  2. Going for a run outside -- 36 percent
  3. Starting an exercise routine -- 35 percent
  4. Going to a yoga class -- 35 percent
  5. Playing a sport (recreationally) -- 34 percent

Top 5 Moments Gym-timidation Occurs:

  1. Exercising near someone who is extremely fit -- 32 percent
  2. Exercising in front of the opposite sex -- 17 percent
  3. During my exercise -- 15 percent
  4. Waking into the gym -- 14 percent
  5. In the free weights section -- 10 percent

Source: SWNS

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