People Share What They Would Give Up To Get Sentimental Items Back!

What would you be willing to give up to get that special something back? That’s exactly what a new survey by wanted to find out. The survey asked respondents to reveal if they had ever left behind something of sentimental value in a rental car – and then asked those that had what they would be willing to do to get the item back.

  • 32% of respondents said they’d give up social media for a year to get back the sentimental item.
  • 23% would give up drinking for a year.
  • 18% said they’d give eating out for a year.
  • 16% would give up coffee for a year.
  • 7% would give up a job promotion
  • And 4% said they’d give up their significant other to get that special something back.

Source: The Ladders

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