New Contraceptive Requires Four Hands To Open!


In case you missed it, an Argentinian sex toy company has come up with a new way to promote consent and it’s a “hands-on experience.” Tulipán has created a “consent condom” that actually requires four hands to open the box, so both people involved are both part of the choice to have sex.


The new “consent condom” only opens when all four corners of the package are pressed at the same time, so you can’t do it with just one person. The origami-style container reads: “If it’s not a yes, it’s a no.” The product won’t be available until later this year, but the company is passing them out at bars in Buenos Aires now for couples to test. The viral adsfor it show consent as sexy and say “consent is the most important thing in sex.”

“Tulipán has always spoken of safe pleasure but for this campaign we understood that we had to talk about the most important thing in every sexual relationship — pleasure is possible only if you both give your consent,” explains Joaquin Campins of BBDO, the agency promoting the condoms.

Source:New York Post

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