Your Pets Are A Huge Influence On Where You Live!

There’s a lot of things to take into consideration when looking for a new place to live, and according to a new report, that includes people’s pets. In fact, a study by Mayflower finds that a pet’s needs are often more important than a human’s needs when picking a place to move.

The survey finds that 48% of homeowners say their pet will influence their choice of home, while 33% say their four-legged friend will be a consideration when choosing a community to call home. What’s more, 32% of homeowners likely to move in the next five years say they’d be willing to pay more for pet-friendly features, like a fenced in backyard.

And animals are even more important than some amenities that could be deal breakers for those without pets. For example, while 50% of future homeowners are looking for an updated kitchen, another 50% think having pet friendly features are more important. And while 49% of folks want to find a place close to work, 51% say pet friendly features are more important than their shorter commute. What’s more, two-thirds of past movers say they decided to stay closer to their old neighborhood because it contained their pet’s favorite park, friends and vet. 

But even if you find he perfect place for your dog, that doesn’t mean the move will necessarily go smoothly. The truth is,  50% of pet owners say their pets struggled to get used to their new home, with cats having it particularly hard, with almost two-thirds having a hard time adjusting. To try and ease the transition, 48% of homeowners say they will introduce their dog or cat to the new home to try and ease the stress.


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