The Most Annoying People To Fly With!

The summer travel season is here, and no matter how much you cross your fingers and hope it won’t happen, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter some really awful fellow passengers. Crying babies, armrest hoggers, seat recliners, they all contribute to making the flying experience that much worse. But of all of these bad behaviors which is THE worst?

Well, according to Expedia’s annual Airplane Etiquette Study, the most annoying traveler on the plane is the Germ Spreader, something 40% of people despise, although globally, the Drunk Passenger claims the most annoying title (43%).Other passengers that annoy American travelers include:

  • The Seat Kicker/Bumper/Grabber (36%)
  • The Drunk Passenger (35%)
  • The Aromatic Passenger (32%)
  • The Inattentive Parent (30%)

So, what do travelers do when they come in contact with these annoying flyers? Well, when it comes to the sick passenger, 50% of travelers would simply ask a flight attendant for a different seat, while 40% would actually try and help, offering them tissues or cough drops, and another 31% would be using that hand sanitizer all flight.

With vacation rentals so popular, the survey also asked folks what things they consider off limits when staying at a vacation rental, and you’ll be happy to know most people treat places with respect.Things that are off limits include:

  • Going through the host's personal items (75%)
  • Peeing in pool (73%)
  • Wearing the host's clothes/shoes (64%)
  • Taking items from the vacation rental, like a book or movie (61%)
  • Taking home provided staples like spices, towels, etc. (58%)
  • Inviting more people to stay without the host's permission (57%) 


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