Walmart's New Service Will Deliver Groceries Inside Your Refrigerator!

Grocery delivery services help you skip the supermarket shopping, but after it’s dropped off at your house, you still have to put the food away. But now Walmart is offering a new service that appeals to our lazy side because they’ll bring the groceries to your house and put them in the fridge for you.

The new service is called “inHome” and it’s being tested in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Missouri, and Vero Beach, Florida this fall, with more cities in the works. It’s supposed to be as easy as placing a grocery order online and choosing “InHome Delivery” at checkout.

The delivery people will be trained and vetted Walmart workers who’ve been at a local store for at least a year, which is comforting since they’ll be inside your house. The employees will also have a wearable camera, so we can see the process in action. This kind of service isn’t free, but Walmart isn’t giving up the delivery cost just yet.

Source:Food and Wine

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