Want to Lose Weight? Drink Coffee!

We love our coffee because it helps us get going in the morning, but new research finds it could help us lose weight too. According to a new study from the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham in the U.K., coffee can stimulate “brown fat” - the fat in the body that keeps you warm by burning calories.

The study shows “brown fat” is mostly found in babies and hibernating animals, and in adults it’s mainly found in the upper chest and neck area. Doctors knew that exercise and good sleep stimulate brown fat, but now it seems coffee, or caffeine, can do the same thing.

“We all have that warm feeling after we drink a cup of coffee because we’re stimulating that brown fat,” explains Dr.David Agus. But just because brown fat can help burn more calories doesn’t mean drinking triple espressos to shed pounds is a good idea. Dr. Agus explains, “Up to three cups aday may have a health benefit. Don’t do more. More isn’t better.”

Source:CBS News

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