New Moms Spend 1,400 Hours Worrying About Their Child!

It’s completely understandable that new moms will worry about their babies, especially their child’s health, but just how much they worry may surprise you. 

A new survey finds that in a child’s first year, new mothers will spend 1,400 hours worrying about their kid’s health, which basically translates to eight weeks of their time. Parents get so worried they’ll search Google or the Internet 330 times to find out about their baby's symptoms, and they’ll also call or text their mom 337 times.

So, what are new moms most worried about? Well, their child’s overall health is their biggest concern (58%), followed by whether they are reaching their milestones at the right age (54%).Other top health concerns include:

  • The amount of milk/formula and/or food they’re consuming (52%)
  • If they’re growing as they should (47%)
  • Their nutritional intake (e.g. vitamins, supplements) (47%)
  • If they have any allergies (43%)
  • The amount of sleep they’re getting (41%)
  • If I’m bonding enough with them (40%)
  • The quality of sleep they’re getting (36%)
  • What their different cries mean (36%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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