Americans Really Do Not like Doing Chores!

Chores and daily housework is a fact of life for more people, but it’s pretty apparent that lots of us hate doing them. In fact, a new poll finds that a lot of folks will do anything to get out of cleaning up around the house, and we mean anything.

The Yelp survey finds that 67% of people admit they or their partner have purposefully done a bad job at their chores hoping it would mean they’d never have to do them again, with men more likely to try and get out of them than women (28% vs. 21%). 

Folks hate housework so much that they’d be willing to give up some of their favorite things if it meant never having to pick up a broom or mop again, with 37% willing to give up alcohol forever, and another fifth willing to give up sex. Then there are the things folks would rather do than chores, including:

  • Add an hour of time to their commute each day
  • Spend a week in jail
  • Give up their smartphone
  • Shave their head

And chores seem to be a major sticking point for most couples, with 80% saying they’ve fought with their partner over housework, with a fifth disagreeing often. The most common thing to fight about is when to do chores (53%), followed by how to do them (50%) and who should do them (48%). 

As for the most hated chores, washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen tops the list, followed by:

  • Doing laundry
  • Cleaning the bathroom (sink, toilet, shower, etc.)
  • Sweeping/vacuuming
  • Cooking meals and shopping for groceries

Source:SWNS Digital

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