The 8 Types of Parents You Meet on "Back-To-School Night"!

Summer is over for some kids and they’re already heading to school again, which means back-to-school night is coming. When you go to meet your kid’s teachers and find out what’s happening this year, you’re also bound to be entertained by some of the parents of your child’s classmates. These are some of the characters you can expect to find at your kid’s back-to-school night.

  • The New Parent- This is their first kid and they couldn’t be more attentive, taking notes at the meeting and turning lunch sandwiches into animal faces.
  • The Veteran Parent- They’ve been through this four times before and they’re only here because it’s more quiet than home.
  • The Real Housewife- They look like they’re dressed for a reality show casting call not back-to-school night, Botox, lash extensions and all.
  • The Perennial PTA President- This parent won’t let you leave until you sign up to co-chair at least one fundraiser and even if you sneak out early, they’ll find you somehow.
  • The Doesn’t-Want-To-Be-Here-Parent- They won’t ask anything, but if they did, it would be, “Can’t you put all this in an email?”
  • The Shameless Braggart- They make sure you know how their family summered in Europe this year and how well their five-year-old speaks French.
  • The Green Parent- This environmentalist reminds everyone that your kid’s sandwich bags and disposable water bottles are killing the planet.
  • The Entrepreneur- They want the class email list so they can try to sell you skin care products or essential oils, or even better, rope you into selling them too!

Source:She Knows

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