The Dress Code for Interviews Are Changing!

We all know how important a first impression can be, especially during a job interview, so how you dress for that interview is key. But these days does that necessarily mean wearing a formal suit to meet a potential employer?

Well, according to a new survey of senior managers, the answer is – maybe. The poll, conducted by AccounTemps, finds that 37% of managers say prospective job candidates should always wear a formal suit to a job interview, but another 36% say it depends on the position or department the person is interviewing for and 23% say an applicant simply needs to look professional. 

It makes sense that suits would be more required when interviewing for certain jobs. For example, 46% of managers say they are preferred for jobs in finance, insurance and real estate, while only 28% say it’s important for a construction job and 26% say it’s important for retail.

The bottom line is how you dress will definitely be taken into consideration when you interview. In fact, 52% of managers say how someone dresses for a job is a very important factor, while 42% said it’s somewhat important and only 1% say it’s not important at all.

And it seems where you’re interviewing may be a factor in whether you need to wear a suit or not. The survey finds managers in Miami, New York and Washington, DC are more likely to say an applicant should wear a suit, while those in Phoenix, Minneapolis and Charlotte says it depends on the position or department, and those in Austin and Seattle are the most likely to say a suit isn’t necessary as long as they look professional.


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