American's Knowledge About Sexual Health Is Not Good!

When it comes to our sexual health, a new survey finds a lot of Americans are pretty clueless. How bad is it? Well, a survey of 2,000 sexually-active Americans finds that 81% believe they are knowledgeable about sexual health, but the survey’s results tell another story.

The survey reveals a third of Americans actually believe you can get a sexually transmitted disease from a toilet seat, while 22% think you can get one from incidental physical contact, and another 24% think you could catch one by sharing a glass of water with an infected person. If that’s not scary enough, 21% of people think you can tell if someone has an STD by looking at them, while 30% don’t think you need to get tested unless you are exhibiting symptoms.

But that's only the beginning. It seems several people are completely unable to identify certain sexually transmitted diseases. The majority of folks did know that gonorrhea is an STD (63%), with 48% correctly identifying herpes as one and another 42% knowing chlamydia is one. But then there were 38% of people who identified “calphytis” as an STD, and another 21% who said the same about “strenedia,” even though both are completely made up words.

Source:SWNS Digital

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