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Kids Hold Toy Drive For Classmate Who Lost Items In Fire

A third-grader in Tennessee recently lost everything he owns in a house fire, but his classmates worked hard to help him out.Daniel Hunt’s teachers and fellow students at Philadelphia Elementary School held a secret toy drive to replace the things he lost.

When Daniel came to school, they surprised him with a haul of great stuff, including board games, sports equipment, Lego sets, toy cars, and a “Star Wars” Mr. Potato Head. In a Facebook post the school says he’s “so thankful” and the big smile on his face shows he’s pretty happy too.

Source:New York Daily News

Homeless Opera Singer Lands Record Deal

Recently a video has gone viral of a homeless woman who LAPD officers heard performing an opera in the subway and filmed. It turns out, her name is Emily Zamourka and the video of her impressive voice has gone viral and landed her a major record deal.

Zamourka is a Russian musician who plays violin, piano and sings. The 52-year-old woman became homeless after a string of bad luck and now all that is changing. She’s been offered a recording contract with GRAMMY-nominated music producer Joel Diamond, who wants to make a “huge-classical-EDM crossover hit record” with her and says the first record will be called “Paradise.”

Along with the record deal, two GoFundMe campaigns have been raising money for Zamourka, one with over $62,000 and another with more than $33,000 and climbing.

Source:New York Post

Woman Rocks A Glass Prosthetic In This Amazing Cinderella Photo shoot!

To inspire people with disabilities, Mandy Pursley a cosplayer from Southern California was inspired to dress up as Cinderella. But Pursley, who was born without her right forearm, wore a glass prosthetic instead of wearing the Disney character’s famous glass slipper.

Pursley designed her own Cinderella gown, as well as a Prince Charming uniform to be worn by her husband, Ryan Pursley.

Pursley and her husband — a Marine Staff Sergeant at MCAS Miramar — then posed in full costume for a series of photographs by photographer Kelly Anderson.

The photo series went viral on social media, and Pursley’s original Facebook post has amassed more than 39,000 likes and 28,000 shares. Other parents have also been inspired to share pictures of their children with disabilities dressed as Disney princesses, Pursley said.

Source: People

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