When To Workout To Get The Best Sleep

We know that exercise and sleep are both important for staying healthy and they do go hand-in-hand. Getting a solid night of sleep can help you crush your sweat sesh the next day, and that can help you drift off and sleep better that night. But some workouts can get in the way of sleep, depending on what time you do them.

The thinking used to be that if you exercise too close to bedtime, your body is heated up and you get an adrenaline rush that could make it hard to sleep soon afterwards. You’re energized from the workout, so even though your body and muscles are tired, you’re not sleepy. But one recent study finds that evening exercise can help some folks fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. So when is the best time to workout to get the best sleep?

According to Dr. Rafael Pelayo, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center, the sweet spot for getting in an evening workout and still getting the best sleep possible is doing it at least three hours before bed. He suggests shooting for early evening exercise, especially if you’re doing more intense workouts.


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