Meet The 17-Year-Old Making Thousands of Dollars Being an ASMR Boyfriend

One teenager soothes people to the land of nod by whispering, 'Hey babe!'

Owen Dennis Riley, 17, is one of the Internet's most popular ASMR Boyfriends; a growing genre of content creators whose videos can put viewers into a relaxed sleep. 

The Savannah, Georgia-native has turned his YouTube channel into a lucrative business, recently revealing that he earns $3 for every 1,000 views - impressive stuff when you consider some clips garner up to 8.5 million views each. 

Riley, who goes by the moniker DennisASMR on the platform, recently told the New York Times, that he's never even had a girlfriend. 

As he is home-schooled, he was simply looking for ways to pass time during downtime when he was bored. 

You have to hear him in action!

Source: Daily Mail

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