How to Teach Kids to Be Safe on the Internet

We all know about 'the talk,' but these days the term is being used a bit differently, and refers to parents talking to their kids about internet safety.

Researcher shows that three in five children now use the internet at home, or about 60 percent. Back in 1997 that number was only 11 percent.

Members of Generation Z are digital natives, and have used the internet and mobile devices for nearly their entire lives, and experts say parents have to instill cybersecurity habits early. It's important to teach kids that choosing a unique password for every account is a must, and using the same password across all accounts is unsafe.

Also, kids need to be taught to be cautious about how much personal information they share online, as it can easily fall into the wrong hands, and should be told that public WiFi is not secure, and can leave their device vulnerable to hackers. In addition, you should caution your kid about the dangers associated with having an email address, such as phishing email scams. 

Source: Quartz

You called in to share how you keep kids safe on the internet.

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