Men Are More Emotional at Work, Study Finds

Men are more emotional in the workplace than women, a new study has found.

Men and women have different emotional triggers at work, according to a study from Total Jobs men are twice as likely to get emotional because their “ideas weren’t heard” or because they “were criticised” and they were almost three times more likely to experience an emotional event because a project went over budget, missed a deadline or got cancelled.

The study also found;

  • While men are twice as likely to shout or even quit their jobs because of their emotions,
  • Women are more than twice as likely to cry at work, with 41% of women saying that they have cried in the workplace compared with 20% of men.
  • Men are more likely to report experiencing emotions associated with power, such as anger or pride
  • One in 10 employees felt emotional at work because they had been a victim of workplace bullying and six in 10 said they had a colleague they considered to be a “work enemy"

But it is not all negative emotions,

  • 91% of workers reported that joy was the key emotion they experienced over the course of their careers. This is closely followed by

surprise (90%)

anger (85%)

sadness (82%)

disgust (71%)

fear (61%).

Millennials are the most likely to face emotional challenges at work as figures reveal they’re the age group most likely to experience sadness (91%), anger (91%) and disgust (80%) in the workplace.

If you want to read more about this study you can find it HERE!

Source: Yahoo

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